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Series B: Chemistry, Life Sciences and Geoscience

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Volume 12, Issue 2 May - August 2010


  • Doina Popov, Vascular smooth muscle cells phenotypic modulation by hyperglycemia: an update on underlying mechanisms (...)
  • Florentina Safciuc, Elena Constantinescu and Anca Sima, The hyperlipidemic diet induces localized amyloidoses in hamster (...)


  • Costin Cernescu and Simona-Maria Ruta, Distinctive features in the evolution of 2009 influenza pandemic in East European countries (...)
  • Anca Musteata, Robin Stamate, Magda Ecaterina Antohe and Norina Consuela Forna, Aspects of non specific preparation involved in extended partial edentation therapy (...)
  • Florentina Vasilache, Carmen Dorobat and Norina Consuela Forna, Considerations in the sepsis with oral entrance at immunodepressed patients (...)
  • Diana Visan, Magda Ecaterina Antohe and Norina Consuela Forna, Clinical aspects of therapeutical solutions involved in oral rehabilitation of partially edentulous patients (...)

  • Alexandru Craciun, Magda Ecaterina Antohe and Norina Consuela Forna, Assessment of edentation status in mentally disabled patients (...)

  • Catalina Gīrbea, Magda Ecaterina Antohe, Doriana Forna and Norina Consuela Forna, Aspects in biomaterials selection for removable dentures – marker of biological integration (...)
  • Cristina Cristescu, Adriana Capitanescu, Victor Cristescu, Cristian Capitanescu, Costin Niculescu, Alexandru Stroe, Zizi Niculescu and Gheorghe Manole, Gingival mucosa, endothelial disfunction and menopause  (...)

  • Lawrence Chukwadi Nwabudike, Homeopathy in the treatment of Verruca vulgaris – an experience of two cases (...)
  • Petcu Daniel and Berijan Gheorghe, Patient’s explanatory model of disease and its influence on conservative treatment of diabetic foot (...)


  • Valentin-Veron Toma, From the dissection room to the first Anthropological Institute in Romania. Francisc I. Rainer and the „bridge” between anatomy and anthropology (...)


  • Voichita Timis and Ionel Popa, Spatial variability of dendrochronological series from Rodna Mountains (Eastern Carpathians - Romania) (...)

  • Doina Argesanu, Roxana Madjar and Velicica Davidescu, The dynamic of the total N, P, K content and of dry matter accumulation during vegetation period in Condor soybean (...)

copyright © Academia Romānă 2006

copyright © Academia Romānă 2006