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Series B: Chemistry, Life Sciences and Geoscience

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2009 / No. 1

2009 / No. 2 - 3


Volume 11, Issue 1, January - April 2009



  • Mădălin Enache, Gabriela Popescu, Lucia Dumitru and Masahiro Kamekura, The effect of Na+/Mg2+ ratio on the amylase activity of haloarchaea isolated from Techirghiol Lake, Romania, a low salt environment (...)


  • Cristina Daniela Goia, Iulia Iancu, Irina Huica, Anca Botezatu, Demetra Socolov, Sergiu Teleman, Anda Dragodan, Constanța Antipa and Gabriela Anton, Epstein-Barr virus and Chlamydia trachomatis as cofactors in cervical carcinogenesis (...)
  • Daniela Păsărică, Mihaela Gheorghiu, Traian Trandafir, Coralia Bleontu, Loretta Ichim and Mihai Stoian, Cytokines as markers in the prognosis of neuroinfections to the central nervous system (CNS) (...)
  • Iulia Virginia Iancu, Anca Stănescu, Anca Botezatu, Irina Huica, Cristina Daniela Goia, Elena Popa, Elena Nistor, Gabriela Anton and Adriana Pleșa, Cellular and viral markers in human papillomavirus related cervical lesions progression (...)

  • Coralia Bleotu, Adriana Pleșa, Iulia Virginia Iancu, Irina Huică, Roxana Drăgușel, Demetra Socolov, S. Teleman, D. Iliescu, Ghjeorghe Peltecu and Gabriela Anton, Role of p16INK4a, hTERT and K-ras in early detection of gynecological malignancies (...)

  • Manuela Popescu, Olivia Popoviciu and Dragoș Stanciu, Correlations between atavistic and proterogenetic phenomena expressed at the dento-maxillary system level (...)
  • Maria Știrbu, Angela Simalcsik, R. Simalcsik and C. Fedor, Variability of the Quetelet index (Body Mass Index or B.M.I.) in 3–18 years old children and adolescents from two different ecological media (...)



  • Mircea Săndulescu, The Black Flysch Nappe of the Maramureș East Carpathians – a “Valaisanne-type” tectonic unit? (...)


  • Bogdan-Ion Mocanu, Nicolae Naum, Cristian-Petrică Lungu, Octavian Georgescu and Gheorghe Brănoiu, The immature crystallized substances influence concerning the features and properties of the volcanic zeolitic tuffs (...)


  • Haralambie Savu, Dyke rocks related to the granitoid plutons from the South Carpathian granitoid province, Romania (...)


Soil Science

  • Roxana Madjar, Elena Dobrin and Petronela Nechita, The macronutrients quantity release from biodegradable pots used in vegetable transplant (...)

copyright © Academia Română 2006

copyright © Academia Română 2006