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Series B: Chemistry, Life Sciences and Geoscience

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2007 / No. 1

2007 / No. 2


Volume 9, Issue 1 January - April 2007



  • Florin Aonofriesei Abundance and activity of heterotrophic bacterial community in the water column and sediments of Tekirghiol Lake (...)
  • Laura Toma and Anca Sima The effect of high glucose concentration on nitric oxide biodisponibility (...)


  • Silvia Popa, Tiberiu Popa, Anca Jianu, Steluța Puiu, Roberto Franchi, Luigi Gobbi and Diego Puglisi Preliminary data about the chemical composition of alluvial gold from Pianu Valley (Sebeș Mountains, Southern Carpathians, Romania) (...)


  • Haralambie Savu Genesis of Mureș ophiolitic suture and of its N-type morb rocks and island arc volcano-plutonic association (...)

  • Radu Dimitrescu The Neresnica-Poniasca granitoids and their prolongations withen the South Carpathians (...)


  • Simona Ruță, Loredana Manolescu, Camelia Sultana and Costin Cernescu Serial testing of liver chemistries and HBV DNA during antiretroviral treatment in patients with HIV/HBV co/infection (...)

Medical anthropology

  • Elena Radu, Oana Luminița Ciotaru and Alexandra Macovei Retrospection upon anthropologic research of obesity in Romania (...)


Soil science

  • Velicica Davidescu, Roxana Madjar and Gabriela Neață Nutritive elements dynamics in acidifying substrate on Chamaecyparis sp. culture (...)
  • Radu Vlad and Ionel Popa The probability of occurrence of deer damage in Norway spruce stands (...)
  • Olivier Bouriaud and Ionel Popa Site and species influence on tree growth response to climate in Vrancea Mountains (...)

copyright © Academia Română 2006

copyright © Academia Română 2006