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The articles below are accepted for publication in "Proceedings of the Romanian Academy, Series A", but have not yet been included in a published issue, as a consequence they are not yet paginated. These articles will appear in further issues of our journal:


Sizhong ZHOU, Zhiren SUN, Fan YANG, A result on P>=3-factor uniform graphs
Valentin IONESCU, Quantum version of Accardi and Boæejko’s universal convolution
Mircea MERCA, Congruences identities involving sums of odd divisors function


L.C. PEREIRA, Progeny of supermassive black holes through the collapse of dark matter Bose-Einstein condensates: a variational approach


Patrick PRADEL, Robert Ian CAMPBELL, Nicolae Octavian BĀLC, A taxonomy of customers' characteristics influencing product personalisation
Veturia CHIROIU, Nicoleta NEDELCU, Ligia MUNTEANU, Cristian RUGINA, Marius IONESCU, Ciprian DRAGNE, Modeling the flexible needle insertion into the human liver
Ozan SINGAR, Dorel BANABIC, Numerical simulation of tailored hybrid blanks
Sorin Mihai RADU, Florin Dumitru POPESCU, Andrei ANDRAȘ, Iosif ANDRAȘ, Ildiko BRĪNAȘ, Florin VĀLCEANU, Numerical analysis of fatigue for the assessment of residual service life of the ERc 1400-30/7 bucket wheel excavator
Raul Alexandru SZAKAL, Darius MECEA, Alin Ilie BOSIOC, Istvįn BORBĮTH, Sebastian MUNTEAN, Design and testing a magneto-rheological brake with cylindrical configuration
Cristina Elena DODU, Mircea ANCAU, An efficient algorithm for lot permutation flow shop scheduling problem
Radu OLARU, Camelia PETRESCU, Alexandru ARCIRE, Design of a magnetic spring for variable stiffness actuators


copyright © Academia Romānă 2006

copyright © Academia Romānă 2006