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The articles below are accepted for publication in "Proceedings of the Romanian Academy, Series A", but have not yet been included in a published issue, as a consequence they are not yet paginated. These articles will appear in further issues of our journal:


Sizhong ZHOU, Zhiren SUN, Fan YANG, A result on P>=3-factor uniform graphs




Cristina Elena DODU, Mircea ANCAU, An efficient algorithm for lot permutation flow shop scheduling problem
Radu OLARU, Camelia PETRESCU, Alexandru ARCIRE, Design of a magnetic spring for variable stiffness actuators
Ibrahim KARAMAN, D.E. SAHIN, Experimental study on the variation of temperature in soft dielectric elastomer actuators
Calin NEAGU, Dan DUBINA, Florea Dinu, Ioan PETRAN, Structural investigations on the progressive collapse of a steeltimber intermediate roofing
Mustafa ÖZDEMIR, Hypersingularities of 3-RRR planar parallel robots


copyright © Academia Română 2006

copyright © Academia Română 2006