Series B: Chemistry, Life Sciences and Geoscience 2018

Last Number 28.08.2018 No. 1 No. 2

No. 3


Volume 20, Issue 2 May - August 2018



Livia Petrescu, Alexandra Gheorghe, Constantin Ionescu Tirgoviste, and Cătălin - Dumitru Petrescu, Anthropometric investigation of external ear morphology, as a pattern of uniqueness, useful in identifying the person 95


Roxana Elena Almasan, Andreea Alexandra Lupu, Elena Valentina Ionescu, Carmen-Teodora Scarlat, Madalina Gabriela Iliescu, Carmen Oprea and Dan Marcel Iliescu, Balneal resources management of Lake Techirghiol in international tourism integrator concept 105
Irina Eclemea, Simona Carniciu and Dana Popescu-Spineni, Considerations on the speed and quality of ageing in Romania, relative to other european countries 109
Cristina Daia, Gelu Onose, F. Bica and R. Badea, New team, rehabilitation and orthopedic, approaches of patients with meniscal lesions 115
Bernea Elena Georgiana, Felicia Antohe, Andrada Mihai and Constantin Ionescu-Tirgoviste, Oxidative Stress and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. The effects of suppliments on oxidative stress 121
Diana Mihalcea, Management of cardiac dysfunction induced by ibrutinib therapy 133
Anca Zgura, Simona Carniciu and Rodica Anghel, The role of obesity in the survival of breast cancer patients 143


Aurel Mohan, Andrei Alexandru Marinescu, Adrian Cotirlet, Vicentiu Saceleanu and Alexandru Vlad Ciurea, Remember Gheorghe Marinescu (1863–1938) pioneer and founder of the romanian school of neurology
Constantin Ionescu-Tîrgoviște, The concept of assimilatory system of Paulescu datingfrom 1912, (Continuation from the issue Proc. Rom. Acad., Series B, 2018, 20 (1)) 155
Proc. Rom. Acad., Series B, 2018, 20(2), p. 93-164
copyright © Academia Română 2006

copyright © Academia Română 2006